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12 Questions to Generate a Good Idea
Academic approach knows 4 steps of Idea generation process:
Or, creative thinking usually follows another path.

In fact, ideas and problems are not distinct; rather, they are closely interrelated and, in many cases, not separable. Should we revisit our ideation model or introduce some criteria an idea must meet? If so, could we say, how to generate ideas correctly?

Specialists reveal many different scales of our mind and brain. Even specific types of idea management.

Artists, entrepreneurs, start-ups search for best ideas, each of us face everyday challenges that, mostly requires new idea or new vision of an old one. We are brainstorming constantly inside and we do it with our team.

Ways to ideate:
  1. From idea to result. We want to generate something new, special and extraordinary. Unfortunately, every year and even every day all over the world genius create things we couldn't imagine. This way is always stressfull and often gives trash ideas and waste of time.
  2. From challenge to idea. Marketers go from users pains, startups go from lack in market and real life issues or innovation. Even in nature — animals find decision when they meet obstacles.
So, if we have a challenge or just want to practice creativity we can ask ourselves 12 questions:
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