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Brainstorm re-design using messengers like Slack
Brainstorming has marketing roots!

Group creativity method "Brainstorming" was popularized by an Advertising executive Alex Faickney Osborn in the 1953 book Applied Imagination.
He was disappointed by employees' inability to develop creative ideas individually for ad campaigns. He start introducing group sessions of creative thinking. As result, he realised that amount and quality of ideas changed significantly!

Alex Faickney Osborn works: General Electric, Armstrong Cork, Chrysler, General Baking, Royal Crown Cola, American Tobacco, BF Goodrich, Du Pont, Wildroot Hair Tonic

Would you like repeat his experience?

How rethink brainstorming in 2018, especially if you use messaging tools like Slack Solutions for brainstorm from Slack App Directory

  1. Brainstorm
  • informal approach —> message apps is, a priopi, an informal field.
  • no judgments —> option to add anonymous ideas via IdeaKeep
  • Individual or Group Brainstorming →create channels and ideate with different teammates or friends or on your own!
  • comfortable meeting environment —> remote colleagues, comfort home-office or work meeting in office — >there is no boundaries
  • one person recording the ideas —> no need to overload someone with extra fuctions. Slack bot will store your ideas automatically.
  • fun —> in slack you can add gifs, share links and files!
  • Brainwriting —> remote,quick and in one place in electronic format.
2. Starbursting

  • bombard the other person with questions -> one-click "Discuss" on your idea and you open discussion log where you can find all questions and reply in this Thread.
3. The Charette Procedure

  • numerous related issues or numerous stakeholders -> in real time online work messaging manage numerous participants easy and fast: different channels for small groups, notifications and log.
New features not only boost effectiveness of brainstorm method but also keep main values of this technique:

  • positive experience of collective thinking -> motivation, teambuilding and collective sucess
  • result in ideas or solutions -> incremental or discontinuous evolution
  • team engagement → employee are responsible for collective result and more engaged, in context where everyone know who specialises in what achievements are better
  • enriched collective knowledge → not only enriched but collected and stored the way novice or anyone else can get access to it in 3 sec.
  • rapid feedback → we are used to chatting more than reply on work email, psychologically we perceive it less stressful — here is the answer!
What different kinds of brainstorming do you know?

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