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Chief innovation officer: 20 anniversary of term
In 2018 there is about 120 job offers on LinkedIn to experienced CINO. The average salary for a Chief Innovation Officer is $160,780 per year in the United States.

Almost 14% of firms have Chief Innovation Officer as recent kmpg survey says.

In 1998 the term was first described in the book Fourth Generation R&D.
CINO and CTIO — Chief Technology Innovation Officer are important and strategic position in every company seeking for evolution and for preventing risks.

Let's revisit their responsibilities and qualities. What makes an effective CINO or CTIO?

  • Accountable for all innovation programs
  • High level executive who can lead a cross-functional value chain, broad technical expertise
  • It could be not a single person, almost half of companies dispersed innovation responsibility among multiple executives
  • CINO generates new ideas, accept innovations from others in the company, and also manages technological changes
  • Makes researches
  • After that — CINO build an effective, transparent, and efficient innovation process
  • CTIO is focusing on organizational innovation through technologies
  • Build awareness about innovation, changes and technologies inside of company
  • Identifies new market spaces
  • Encourage promising projects
The big fail of creating a position of Chief Innovation Officer and focusing all innovation process in one'a hands — its the fact that when One person is responsible for innovation, everyone else are not!

The mission of a good CINO is to help other employees and executives to be involved in innovation and changes and be aware of how to do the best.

This person educate people to generate ideas and initiatives, build not only incremental but also disruptive processes.

For more productive innovation journey, CINO should use and follow up modern applications and software necessary or facilitating ideation and innovation. Also, this person needs to be capable to analysis — a good research is the best basement for next steps.

It's up to you to decide if you need one CINO or not, but be sure – with or without this person you must think about innovation and future.

List of CINO you may want to know and to be inspired:
  • Jonathan Ive – Chief Desing Officier in Apple – he is responsible not only for all design and interfaces, but also for new ideas and future initiatives.
  • Frédérick G. Pferdt – Google Innovation Evangelist but also professor at Stanford University
  • David Eun – CINO of Samsung and president of Samsung Next that deals with startups. Samsung spent about 12B$ a year in R&D!
And so on!

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