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ideakeep on-boarding guide
Hi there, you're all set to start enjoying ideakeep bot!

ideakeep is an effective HR solution for teams of any size. Build stronger, happier teams, boost innovation process in your company and streamline your business.

/ideakeep - main menu

/ideakeep-add - ideate! - create a new idea

/ideakeep-suggest - get inspiration from integrated AI

/ideakeep-search - find your idea quickly

/ideakeep-list - see list of all your ideas
How to install it?
Simply press "Add to Slack" button at our main page
What does ideakeep do?
ideakeep helps your team to share, collect and rank best ideas in Slack
  • Ideate and refine
  • Rank and prioritize
  • Measure who brings best ideas
How to add new idea?
There are three ways:
  • Press "add idea" button in ideakeep bot direct messages (menu)
  • Use command /ideakeep-add
  • Use slack actions for a certain message and press "add idea"
How to see all ideas in one place?
Just press "show ideas" button in ideakeep bot direct messages.
You can also export all your ideas in an excel format, just press the menu button (/ideakeep) => export ideas => press the download button.

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