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First Step to Interactive Innovation Management System
Last years innovation is number one priority of CEOs as says a fresh survey by global consulting firm PwC.

Big daddies like Siemens, Citibank, SAP, IBM and Shel know it better than anyone else.

But how it is, in practice, to move you ship to innovation?
Many managers are simply scary of it. No panic. Start step by step and be proactive, creative, brave and full of good ideas.

If you a progressive project manager you are obviously seeking for an evolution. Innovation and development is the only way to survive in every industry.
What does it mean — to be innovative?

Weaddressed to a study of Bastian Bansemir and Anne-Katrin Neyer funded by project grants from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the European Social Fund (ESF) and seasoned it with our proper vision.

First of all, it means to stop to be incremental and move forward to radical changes.

We can also say innovation needs to be interactive — as we talk about company, team or department — we talk about people, about employees. Interviews and studies show that employee engagement is actually key to innovation, it's thus critical to be able to interact with your colleagues or employees — they hold in their hands future of your project or even enterprise. Not just interact, but hear them and let them be part of innovation. The secret is in their ideas.

We should stop here: interactive innovation management system. Not a mystery since early 2000.

Almost every modern company has heard at least one time about idea management and interaction in management. Many of them used idea management platform.

Yet, in the era of online messaging the approach to idea management could be revisited.

Slack is one of the best messengers for teams and it's broadly popular among not only IT companies.

Now, every department can create its own workflow and multiply functionality by adding external services and bots.

Still, how does it connected with innovation?

The App Directory of Slack provide you a large range of various sort of bots: you can track your Trello activity and be sure your developers meet deadlines, receive data from Google Analytics and so on.

Moreover, you can ideate with your team.
With IdeaKeep bot right in your channel, you can create ideas, your teammates can vote or start discussion. You can prioritise different ideas, go through several iterations and get new product, solution for a challenge or just a simple idea of how to improve your business.
Such idea interaction is positive in some ways:
  • we stimulate bottom-up innovation
  • we allow employees express their mind
  • we rub away boundaries — remote employees and colleagues all over the world can participate in one discussion
  • we reduce time for one idea to be accepted, reviewed and implemented. Testimonials say that innovation ideation for a single individual is time consuming
  • we connect people with different knowledge and experience. They see who knows what.
  • we discuss and eliminate "bad" ideas faster. Almost 85% of submitted ideas could be out of real value
  • submitting, discussing and rating the ideas we learn to be innovative and create good, mature and useful ideas. We develop our skills and upgrade background.
  • we work together getting social exchange — we are part of innovation.
This list is to be continued. You can continue it.

IdeaKeep is a slackbot for idea management that helps teams to collect, rank, vote, discuss and store ideas. It still grow and will be soon a complex tool for idea management.

It could easily be your first step to Interactive Innovation Management System.

You should try to promote your team to best future. Think, how many opportunities you've already lost.

Bring us some brilliant ideas and start your innovation journey for free.
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