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Why idea management doesn't work
Modern competitive social and industrial layout is concentrated on agile management, employees engagement and new solutions.

Firms reorganize business processes and move to democratic approach, encouraging interaction, bottom-up evolution and so on.

Still, idea management doesn't work even for big companies. Even when they follow all standard steps. Even if they know what to do. They just seem to know it.
Idea management isn't a remedy to your enterprise. It needs time, experiments and engagement. If you don't want to fail first and raise later — leave it, it won't work for you.

For those who let themselves make something wrong, here are 5 mistakes of giant enterprises implementing idea management. They are real and could be overcome.

  1. Lack of time and knowledge. First of all, ideation is a very time consuming activity, especially for an individual. But even if we have a whole team, they don't know who knows what, they need more experience or data background to deal with a challenge. Often, people not only don't know this matter deeper but don't know how to ideate correctly. You should educate your employees and project managers, or even create some specific position as innovation manager. But also, don't forget to work with your team, to build it and use time management.
  2. Organisational boundaries. As it fixed, innovation and idea management follow several steps. It causes new positions, new tutorials, reglamentaion and business processes. It means in some words — a lot of work, new responsabilities and high overload. Process becomes more complex. Particular issue — idea evaluation process — it includes both people and business: we add idea, it goes through few iterations, every idea should be estimated and reviewed by special employee who needs time and knowledge to make it. And when we have an idea flood? How one person can say if it is good idea worth developing or it's another one incremental idea that we should banish? Remember that employees and top-managers face different worlds and mostly have different problems and triggers.

3. Fair platform. IT market provides wide range of idea management software and apps. But most of them are not customized, thus you face sometimes unpredictable and compelling constraints. You should find some flexible solution which could be adjusted according to your necessity. Forecast eventual blocks or risks, keep in mind your company policy and special properties of your team, rules and demands when choosing idea management platform. Test it for free before buy membership. In 2018 try passing on SaaS products.

4. Lack of ideas. It is banal but true. You organise brainstorm or start an idea challenge and wait for creativity splash. Oops — employees have no idea what to do, they have nothing to say. They need motivation, knowledge or something extra. Create challenges due to company actual issue, explain what does it mean — ideate for innovation and why should they do it. Train the creativity and set accurate goals.

5. Money motivation doesn't work. Ok, motivation not a problem — you are active and innovation addicted and your firm are ready to invest in great ideas. Unfortunately, this approach will not succed cause you engage quantity not quality. But, and it's true, as we are humans, motivation for us — social exchange and feeling of being involved in global development.

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