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7 Innovation Management Market Trends by 2020
In 2018 there is a boom of cloud soft, innovation management tools, chatbots and, in general, mobile oriented ads and features.

Quora has calculated the amount of startups per year — we get about 133M startups annually. Just think about it!

The part of IT startups and newborn firms concentrated on innovation, idea managemet, brainstorming is quite important.
It means huge competition, overload of offers, sometimes valuable, but mostly not, failure and decrease of users trust.

Nevertheless, innovation management market is growing up and we can trace main trends by 2020:

  1. Facebook takes 2nd place — due to its size, products and revenue.
  2. As Fortune says 9 of 10 startups will fail
  3. Growing demand of crowdsourcing innovations
  4. Major Key Players (report published by the Market Research Future):
Qmarkets (Israel), BrightIdea, Inc. (U.S.), Hype Innovation (Germany), IdeaScale (U.S.), Innosabi GmbH (Germany), Cognistremer (Belgium), Crowdicity Ltd (U.K.), Planbox, Inc. (Canada), Exago (Portugal) and Inno360, Inc. (U.S.).

5. The most "innovative" region — North America.

6. More than a 1/4 of the world will use messaging apps by the end of 2019. Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM, Apple, Samsung etc. — they all have worked to create their own chatbot.

100 000 bots were on Facebook Messenger a year ago.

Even consumers choose the online chatting and prefer write not talk!

According to Gartner и Juniper chatbots will be involved in 85% of all types of business-customers interaction by 2020.

As we are bot start-up we face different issues and obviously we think about future and competitors: we test features by ourselves, use many analytics and customize product — we work, work and work, because we love it and want create usefull and ultraspecific tool for creative people and innovation management systems.

We should underline:

The more innovative talent ends up leaving for smaller companies, or to become entrepreneurs

7. Real use of bottom-up idea management.

CEOs understand that employees are those persons who interact with customers more than anyone else — they know how to adopt product to real customers' issues.

Companies start engage talent development and new ideas: big companies invest and buy prominent startups and promote them.

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