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How To Be Innovative Like Apple and Facebook: 14 insights at first hand
Like 10 years ago, in 2018 firms still reveal some barriers to innovation.

Sideways6 surveyed 1,039 employees from around the world and here are the results: 82% of employees said they have ideas about how to develop their company, but fear, hierarchy, and deafness inside of a company have a strong negative impact on the innovation process.

The simplest way is to be inspired by a big company who realized many years ago why idea and innovation are key to progress.

In February 2018 Fast Company called Apple "the most innovative company" in its TOP 50 (Netflix is the 2nd, Amazon — the 5th, Instagram — the 12th). In 2017 Spigit shown us another example of the innovative giant — Facebook.

Why? Globally, they have the same resources for innovation as all firms: customers and employees. Is the technologies the answer? Or there is something special about their approach to innovation?

Facebook appeared 13 years ago, but now it holds Instagram, Whatsapp, Aquila and has more than 2 billion users! Apple had a little stagnation form 2010 — their last hit was iPad, but in 2017 wireless AirPods, facial recognition, and new displays once again proved their power.

In the past, people said that iPhone could never work because it didn't have a physical keyboard, but today almost 86 mln use iPhone only in USA (2017 stats).

There is more noise in the world than change. Tim Cook
9 Innovation insights from Apple
  • Is your product enriching people's lives? Does your product give people the ability to do things they couldn't do before?
  • A good product it is when you're doing both of those things–and obviously, those things are incredibly connected
  • Internal company well being is important
  • Products and people always matter. Ask yourself at the end of every year, or every month or every week or every day, did we make progress on that front?
  • You have to make sure that you're focused on the thing that matters and noise is blocked.
  • Don't wait for competitors to see what they will do.
  • Innovation takes time and money. But it worth it. The genius product didn't come up like a surprise — it's a long way.
  • You must believe and be sure that your product is great — then, you could reveal it to the people.
  • Care about what users think, but take most thoughtful things and tune out the noise.
[A product] is like a train–the train leaves the station, and if you have a great idea after that, it's going on the next train. You're not going to call this one back to the station.
5 Innovation insights from Facebook
  • Use collective intelligence
Many of Facebook's products and features we know and use today were a direct result of an employee scratching his or her own itch: Location requests in Messenger for when a friend is missing, Offline messaging, The iconic Facebook 'Like' button, Facebook's ad and developer platforms

  • focus on ideation — it should be a part of the company culture
  • frequent ideation: organize meetings with teams and remote colleagues on regular basis! Facebook create hackathons once a month!
  • implement ideas! "Ideation without implementation does more harm than good. Not only are you missing opportunities to create new products, services, and enhancements by not implementing ideas, you'll slowly lose employee energy leading to low participation."
  • Your executives should take part in innovation. When it comes to Facebook's hackathons, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other top executives take employee input into account and then give the final go or no-go on projects.
You need to understand that you and your company, even small, have same opportunity to innovate like Apple and Facebook. Try it! And stay focused on innovation.

68% of employees feel that their company lacks a structured process for managing ideas. Start from it — implement clear and simple to use idea management application. If you want, you can try IdeaKeep for this purpose — it's free ;)

Think of innovation as a muscle. The more you work it out, the bigger it gets and the better it performs. Spigit
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